These works are made of hard paraffin wax, with a high melting point of 78ºC. The life-size figures are remelted and carved from cast blocks. The first project started with a public figure being shown "walking" throughout the city of Basel. The material from that re-melted original figure has been used ever since. Inexplicably, the wax has been increasing miraculously, transforming into more and more wax sculptures. Light falling through the sculptures changes them to become translucent.

Hanging Thoughts (photo by Deborah Hall).

Hanging Thoughts at Harold Porter Gardens 2012. Photograph by Deborah Hall.

For You To See, Harold Porter Gardens 2012.

Wax boat, floating half sunk, with wax flowers and paddel.

Wax boat at Schlosspark Herrnshausen.

Wax boat floating....

...on Calitzdorp dam.

Wax boat floating half sunk, with wax books and paddel. (Lost Logbooks Of...)

At Cape Town Convention Centre, as part of X-Cape Biennale.

The Melancholy Room - figure 1 and 2.

The Melancholy Room - figure 3.

Wax sculpture, 'walking'...

at three places...

of the city Basel, 1999.

At Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral 2000.

Liegende 2002

Hanging Thoughts

Model society II, 2005

Model Society I, 2004

Rooms Of Memories 2004

all works and photographs ©Petra Keinhorst, exceptions mentioned, texts ©authors.